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Newspaper Article: Lil’ Angel gets ‘perfect’ chance

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November 13, 2007

Lil’ Angel gets ‘perfect’ chance

Published Tuesday November 13th, 2007

Telegraph Journal

Jennifer Fiander of Hampton began her company Lil’ Angel Gifts with a cheeky instruction manual for babies.
It stemmed from her own mother’s constant questions on how to take care of Fiander’s son, Cameron, who has Angelman syndrome - a genetic disorder that causes developmental delay and neurological problems.
“It was a joke actually,” Fiander said. “My mom would drive me crazy.
She would always be asking me questions, like, ‘How do I lay him down.’ I thought I’d be smart and put together an instruction manual.”
That instruction manual, which she created seven years ago, has now grown into a line of products - dozens of journals, note cards and other items for brides, grooms, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons.
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