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Fact Sheet on Angelman Syndrome (our “angel’s” disorder)

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Fact Sheet on Angelman Syndrome (AS)

Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder most often caused by a deletion in the 15th chromosome. It was first discovered by Dr. Harry Angelman in 1965, but not diagnosed until the 1980’s. It was once believed to be rare, however, many cases have gone undiagnosed, or have been diagnosed as other disorders. It is believed to affect males, females, & all races equally.

The most common characteristics of Angelman Syndrome are:

severe developmental delay (fine & gross motor, cognitive), lack of or minimal speech, happy demeanor & easy to excite, various types of seizures, short attention span, sleep disturbance, feeding difficulties, & attraction to water.

For more information on AS, please see our ABOUT US page.


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