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Website Interview: Special Needs Kids Talk Radio

By admin

March 9, 2009 Interviewed by Jenn Brockman of Special Needs Kids Talk Radio.  The interview discussed the challenges & triumphs of raising a child with special needs (Angelman Syndrome) and how my son has inspired me to start Lil' Angel... »

Fact Sheet on Angelman Syndrome (our “angel’s” disorder)

By admin

Fact Sheet on Angelman Syndrome (AS) Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder most often caused by a deletion in the 15th chromosome. It was first discovered by Dr. Harry Angelman in 1965, but not diagnosed until the 1980’s. It was once believed to be rare, however, many cases have gone undiagnosed, or have been diagnosed as other disorders. It is... »

Hot topics I can speak on

By admin

Possible interview topics to consider Jennifer for: special needs & parenting Angelman Syndrome being a work at home mom / or "Mompreneur" being passionate about your business personalized wedding gifts being an eBay powerseller If you can think of any others, please don't hesitate to ask :) Email: Phone: 506-832-2800 Jennifer Fiander, mompreneur & owner... »

Podcast Interview:

By admin

March, 2009 Interviewed by Tracy from, as part of a 12 part (monthly) series of moms across Canada who are working from... »

Newspaper Article: eBay mompreneur

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December 9, 2008 "eBay mompreneur" Published in The Kings County Record, written by Charlene... »

Newspaper Article: ‘Mompreneur’ proves hard work pays off

By admin

December 1, 2008 "'Mompreneur' proves hard work pays off" Published in The Daily Gleaner, written by Heather... »