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*Make Your Own* Medical Organizer

Finally, an easy way to organize your own medical records- or those of your child, or your entire family!

Kit Includes:
. CD with print-ready files, organized into topics. (Print the files you need!)
. labels to affix to your dividers
. recommendations on how to set up and organize your binder

You Supply:
. binder & tabbed dividers
. your knowledge about your medical history, or that of your child or all your family members!

Why Organize Medical Information?
*Find records quickly in an emergency*
*Take relevant pages out of your binder to easily copy for doctors, school, etc.*
*Peace of mind*

{Make your own} Medical Organizer will make the process of organizing medical information less daunting. Our CD contains forms for you to print and record vital information, such as any specific medical conditions or diagnosis, hospitalizations, allergies, and much more. Topics are organized into folders for quick retrieval. Simply print the topics that you need! Use this handy kit to organize records for yourself, your spouse, one or more of your children, or for everyone in your family.

And, our easy-to-follow instructions help you set up your binder with the information you need to get organized.

A sample of topics you’ll find on the CD: Medical History. Medications, Hospitalizations, Specialists, Major Illness, Tax Information, Allergies, Equipment, Surgery & much more.

Organizations that are interested in offering this product are encouraged to contact us at info@lilangelgifts.com to discuss partnership.
If you need support, email us at info@lilangelgifts.com.

Files are in pdf format. Please visit Adobe’s website to download their free Adobe Reader.

Order now, & enjoy the peace of mind of organized medical records...

$18.99 US  

Created by a mother of three, one of whom has complicated medical issues.

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