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Frequently Asked Questions


Your privacy is very important to us. We will never sell or give your information to anyone. Your information is used to fulfill your order only.
Canadian Customers will be charged sales tax on their item/s.

Please allot adequate time for shipping and remember many of these journals need to be filled out by the bride or groom (WEDDING PARTY BOOKS). Leave yourself adequate time to fill them out. If you are pressed for time, email us after youíve made payment and we will email you the book topics so you can prepare your thoughts while they are shipping. Many people that order late will still give the wedding party books, but after the wedding, as a thank-you gift.

FAQís- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get more details about the journal? How many pages, other detailsÖ
Please check the individual listings for more details on the book you are considering.

I have a great suggestion/idea for a journal or other product. Can I suggest it?
Please do! Many of our products were developed out of customersí requests, or have been adapted to suit their needs.

Iíve been a little crazy with my wedding being so close, and I forgot to order until the last minute. Please help!!!
Been there, done that. I understand. Unfortunately, I donít have the ability to teleport your books/cards to you instantly. But, I will get your order out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime if your wedding is super close, please email me (and state who you are and which books you ordered) and I can email you the topics. This way you can jot down some ideas and prepare your thoughts while your books are on their way. Some brides that donít have time to get their journals before their wedding will still fill out the journals and give them shortly after the wedding, as a thank you gift.

I understand you have a great return policy on your books. But, if things donít work out with my groom- can I send him anywhere for a refund? Maybe a replacement? Yes, we DO have a great return policy! But your groom? Please donít send him to me! I have enough trouble on my hands with my own husband. Oh, on second thought, maybe we can do tradesies! Please send a photo, along with a list of household chores he will do without being nagged.

Can you personalize my wedding journal covers?
No- not at this time. The journals are designed by us, but we now have another printing company manufacturing the books for us. (We hope to be able to do customization in the future.) The beauty of this journal is that YOU personalize it throughout with your thoughts. If you still really want the names on the cover, I could have my 4 year old scrawl it in permanent marker on the cover for you.

Iím trying to reach someone by phone or email. When will someone be able to return my message?
I LOVE talking to customers, but am not always readily available to speak with. Because of my commitment to my son and his special needs, and my other children and hubby, I work a varying schedule, and am not always available 9-5 to answer calls/ reply to email. Please leave your message and contact info, and be assured that I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Do you have a storefront?
No, I work from my home. I can make special arrangements for people in the Hampton, NB area to pick up orders. Please contact me if you would like this option.

Do you do custom orders for journals or cards?
If you are looking for a custom order, we can certainly work with you! Please contact us to discuss what exactly you are looking for. There will be additional charges for custom work (the graphic designer and our printing company keep wanting to be paid!!!)

How long does shipping usually take?
Orders to US:
Air (1-4 of the *smaller journals*):-approx. 8-11 business days (Please note- this varies & depends on how fast the order clears customs. Leave yourself plenty of time!)
Expedited (5+ journals): 10-14 business days
We are usually pretty good at sending out your orders within 2 business days of payment being received. There are of course, exceptions to this- the only time that there would be a delay in shipping is:
  • I am busy with medical appointments, and cannot do shipments on that particular day
  • Iím snowed in (located in Canada) or some other bizarre weather is preventing me of doing shipments


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